Hello! My name is Danny Devito, and I am a creative. As you can tell by taking one glance at my work, I am incredibly passionate about sports and design. I was an athlete growing up and sports was always so much more to me than just throwing a ball or aggressively tackling a random man who was wearing different colors than me. For me, sports will always be about the culture, the camaraderie, and the tradition.

The fact that I get to combine sports, design, and social media every day is never lost upon me. I love what I do. My skills as a creative include branding, digital design, motion design, print production, photography, social media operation, UI/UX, web design, and HTML/CSS (which is what I used to build this site).

If opportunity doesn't knock, you build your own damn door.

While that quote might be a tad cliche, it is a good embodiment of the mindset that I carry. I love working towards something every day, and I even often find myself obsessed with the process more than the reward. Thinking like this has helped me literally build this career for myself. I pride myself on my work ethic and ability to multitask.

When I'm not creating content, I'm usually consuming it. Whether it's movies, tv shows, YouTube videos, music, video games, or just scrolling through Twitter, I find myself always involved with creative content and storytelling.



Below is a timeline of my career, which started in 2017 when I began freelance. Since then, I have been able to work with clients like the Seattle Seahawks, NBA 2K, EA Sports, West Virginia Football, STN Digital, and many others.

Today, I am a Graphic Designer at FOX Sports in Los Angeles, CA.

Apr 2017
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graphic design intern
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Graphic Design Intern


Creative services intern
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FOX Sports

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